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Officine Galesso arrives and makes CSV Life Science Group grow and improve with new experience.

The Officine Galesso, integrated into Pharma Hub, has officially joined CSV Life Science Group. It will complete the Group wide range of services with the production of pharmaceutical machineries designed to provide customers in the Pharma world with better and better solutions.

CSV Life Science, established in 1998, has built up over the years a group of companies and professionals capable of providing the pharmaceutical market with integrated solutions. Therefore, CSV life Science has become a Group, aimed at gathering the several divisions and facilitate their synergy. Its final purpose is to successfully complete a project in all its phases: from strategic decisions to engineering activities definition, from process development and containment strategy up to the final validation.

With this in mind, over time, other divisions have been added to the original branch of CSV Life Science, which still works on engineering and validation activities. The first branch, Pharma Hub, is based in central Italy and focused on process plant production. It has been followed by CSV Construction for the development and construction of clean room. Then there is CSV Active, a reliable partner for sourcing and trading intermediates and active ingredients, and the brand of Containment, which provides tailor-made containment solutions for the pharmaceutical sector.

Last but not least, the Group has been joined by Officine Galesso, an historical company established in 1946 based in Colleferro (RM) and with a long experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Its purpose is to produce all the necessary equipment for isolation technology and liquid preparation.


A structured workshop in a territory highly involved in the pharmaceutical world.

The mechanical workshop is based in central Italy and stands for an important reference point in a territory highly involved in the pharmaceutical world, namely the pharmaceutical hub Lazio.

CSV Life Science wants therefore to strengthen the equipment supply for its customers by reinforcing an existing relation between the Officine Galesso, Containment and Pharma Hub, a collaboration that in fact is already providing highly specialised know-how to all the Group and especially this two division. Officine Galesso is a strong reality fully dedicated to mechanical manufacturing and construction with a specific predisposition for the pharmaceutical world. The strong technical expertise gained in handling delicate materials, like steel and alloys in general, as well as the accuracy achieved thanks to the machineries and the qualified staff, have made Officine Galesso an ideal hub to develop Group new projects.

CSV Life Science, Pharma Hub and Officine Galesso thus want to solidify a partnership that has developed over the years and is expected to increase by bringing new resources to the Colleferro production site and ensuring its growth and development. The Group presence in numerous markets worldwide is a further incentive and an opportunity to develop new products in synergy with the different branches that drive the Group. Over time, the strong expertise gained by the divisions of Engineering and Construction has allowed to completely understand the customers’ need and therefore to create specific division like those dedicated to containment and supply of active ingredients. A 360-degree view as the Group has been able to experience all the components that make up the pharmaceutical process, thanks also to its strong presence in the field of validation. The synergy between CSV Containment, Pharma Hub and Officine Galesso represents the core of a strategic asset for the Group to complete its offer to the national and global pharmaceutical production system, both in terms of production of dedicated products and the development of process solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

The supply chain for complex products, like those that have been emerging in recent years to face the health emergency, requires efficient solutions and rapid answer. The aim of CSV Life Science Group is to take up this challenge and to be a protagonist in the increasingly demand for equipment from the pharmaceutical industry which in Italy alone sees at least thirty companies involved in various ways in the production of anti-Covid vaccines authorised in the EU.

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