CSV Life Science offers Conceptual Engineering, Basic and Detail Engineering services.



Our engineering support includes dedicated Facility Planning services. These services consist in providing layout analysis and design support as a preliminary, often strategic, step aimed at developing and/or restructuring industrial sites (both single departments and entire production sites). The initial approach starts by defining the strategic concepts of a Site Master Plan that optimises production processes in relation to flows (materials, people and vehicles) and then defines the optimal system, technological and procedural solutions for the constraints identified.

The Site Master Plan not only covers the technical aspects, but also takes into financial, research and development, purchasing, production transfer and marketing requirements, proposing solutions whose financial and technical advantages can be immediately recognized by our client company’s directors or owners. In addition, a distinctive feature of our services is their focus on the analysis and design of material handling and storage systems and equipment to support these processes, as well as an energy saving study.

CSV LIFE SCIENCE offers Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering services. At the same time our validation background enables CSV LIFE SCIENCE to support every project phase taking cGMP problems into account.

  • Conceptual Engineering/ Conceptual design
  • Basic Engineering/ Basic design
  • Detail Engineering/ Detail design

CSV know how and the technical background of the Chemical engineers belonging to our rich process department allows the company to face projects in both secondary manufacturing and API fields where the processes (chemical synthesis or biotech) and the relevant engineering design require special and specific technical skills together with GXP experience.


CSV Life Science Engineering Team can develop a project since the very beginning, starting from Conceptual Design/Engineering phase. The main activities involved in this phase are the following:

Production plant and technical plant areas definition
Lay-out and Process Flow Diagrams definition
Areas classification
Personnel/Material flow
Main process equipment and process utilities definition
Total Investment Cost Estimate (± 25 ÷ 30%)


Ingegneria_02The next step in design developing is the Basic Design/Engineering phase. The target of this step is to consolidate what has already been defined during Conceptual Design/Engineering and to proceed by developing the necessary activities to successfully complete the project, such as:

Process Equipment Lay-out
Process Utilities Generation and Distribution Lay-Out
Design Criteria HVAC
Process and technical fluids P&ID
Process P&ID
Piping Lay-Out
Duct Lay-out

Main utilities generation equipment Pre-dimensioning
Process Equipment Technical Specifications
Equipment list
Instruments list
Fluids list
Consumption list
Activities time table
Total Investment Cost Estimate (± 10 ÷ 15%)



CSV Life Science can support their clients in developing the Detailed Design/ engineering of a Plant as a result of consolidation and completion of drawings and documents issued during the previous Basic Design/ engineering phase.

CSV Life Science also assists their clients in selecting the right partner for Construction phase by analyzing all the offers received by Suppliers/Sub-contractors and proceeding with technical-economical tabulation.

CSV Life Science support continues with a follow up of the various sub-contractors, checking the technical offers compliance with engineering design documents.

During Construction phase CSV Life Science can support Client in Site Supervision, Construction Management and Commissioning activities.

Following Commissioning & Validation(C&Q) integration approach, tests performed on site during Construction and Commissioning phases are documented and reported on an appropriate format (accordingly to approved Commissioning Procedures) that can ensure a strong support during IQ/OQ Protocols writing and execution.