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Csv Construction: Turnkey plants in Life science field.

Quality and competence are the core values of CSV Construction work. The company, which is part of the CSV Group, supports the customer step by step in all the realization phases of clean rooms and related systems.

The increasing number of the services requested and offered by the CSV life science group, a complete partner for the pharmaceutical industry with services ranging from engineering to construction and plants and process validation, has pushed the company to create a structure that could manage plants construction sites in the Life Science field, thus fully covering the entire area of expertise in the pharma world. That’s the reason why in 2014 CSV Construction was born, one of the flagships of CSV Life Science, which completes the range of services offered by the Group for the pharmaceutical field, with expertise aimed at serving customers.

CSV Construction services.

The main sector we propose to is the pharmaceutical and chemical-pharmaceutical world. In this sector, CSV Construction offer itself as a partner for the turnkey realization of clean rooms, HVAC, mechanical and electrical plants, pharma civil finishes, starting from the design, through the management of the various phases of construction, up to the IQ and OQ commissioning and activities. Other areas we work in are the medical device and nutraceutical sectors. Our skills in the pharma world, applied to the needs of these specific customers, have allowed us to realize with satisfaction important plants for these two expanding worlds.

We realize your plant.

We can design and build all the necessary systems to make a clean room operational. Our strength are the HVAC systems, including any power plants for the generation of related utilities. We also realize air conditioning systems for pharmaceutical warehouses (raw materials and finished product), for chemical and biological laboratories, for dispensing and sampling rooms to which we also supply down cross hoods. We have recently realized, in just over three months, a news sterile department for eye drops of 500 m2, including final qualifications, and we are about to construct a new important sterile filling department abroad.

The CSV construction team has been growing with the company over the years and is made up of engineers and technicians as project managers, draftsmen, site assistants and commissioning personnel and they are a reliable team with many years of experience. Our staff can deal with a wide range of plant engineering needs, transforming the project shared with the costumer into clean rooms suitable for production need whether we’re talking about a new project or a revamp/ expansion of an existing department. In the latter case, the different intervention phases are analysed and managed with due regard to the difficulties caused by production stops.

The construction management.

In order to provide a turnkey service, the Construction management takes care of all the functions related to construction site management for the plants realizations in the Life Science field: from the coordination of activities on site to safety, from realization quality to the cost assessment and the job program, from the administrative and management activities of the contract up to integration between commissioning and validation activities.

CSV construction is lucky enough to be part of and contribute to the competitiveness of a large Group such as CSV Life Science, which over the years has developed all-round skills in the pharma world. Those who turn to us know they will find a great deal of experience related to this industry. We have always provided engineering and construction management services with great professionalism and flexibility, in order to supply to the customer a truly complete “turnkey” realization. What makes the difference is the synergy of knowledge between CSV Construction and the CSV Life Science group regarding engineering and process validation, compliance and containment solutions. We believe that interact with just one counterpart is a very appreciated plus, which has allowed us to stand out from the competitors, thanks to CSV group successful business history proven by more than twenty years of constant growth, both regarding the staff and offered services.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Also CSV Construction has been able to gain the confidence of its customers within a short time. Moreover, the continuous approvals of our quality management system to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard represent a further important plus in an industry that is particularly careful to management aspects.  Last but not least, the almost zero turnover and the attention to the single person within CSV, have allowed us to create motivated and collaborative teams, a quality that is then shown in the relationships with customers.

"From planning to validation"
Danilo Colombo
Danilo Colombo
GM Csv Construction

Our motto is “From planning to validation”. This means we are able to assure that an entire project, from its very beginning up to the implementation, validation and performance maintenance over time, is managed by a single company and is compliant with the production needs and current regulations. Our work is a very long and articulate path that requires a constant technical and regulatory updating. The plants construction is just one of our costumers needs, and CSV construction can rely on the CSV twenty years’ experience to face a new project. Their respective internal resources, engineers, processors, civil specialists, Project and Construction Managers, site managers, validators, compliance specialists, produce a working team capable of a continuous confrontation to satisfy all customer needs.

Increasing our presence both on national and foreign markets, I think, is a common goal.  Recent results agree with our investments also in terms of personnel, making sure that CSV is no longer known only as an engineering company. Another project we have already started and that we want to strengthen, are high level maintenance contracts, an interventions service of planned mechanical maintenance, coordinated with performance checks and periodic revalidation, managed directly by us. A service, in addition, that allows the final costumer to maintain efficiently the plants and environments performance.