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CSV Academy

CSV Academy debuts in streaming.

With a series of webinars, the CSV Group “Academy” moves its first steps to address the needs of a rapidly changing reality.

In a general context where it is not easy for people to move and gather, in CSV Life Science ideas have never stopped, so, an opportunity to get even more in the game and involve partners and customers was born: CSV Academy.

But why an Academy? First of all, in order to remain in touch with a world made up of people, technicians, customers and agents who were used to constant relationships and travel until only a few months ago. Secondly and with an even more ambitious mission, because of the possibility not only to inform, but also to form and to make the culture surrounding the Pharma world grow globally. A world that is getting closer and closer thanks to the technological grip caused by the emergency we are currently experiencing. So today organizing a streaming for a consultation, a site survey or a training course, is within almost everyone’s reach.

Pharma Containment International Webinar.

The CSV group has believed in the creation of the Academy since the beginning, trusting it with the organization of a webinar series about “Containment“, addressed to both national and international audiences. About 150 users of the main industries operating in the sector attended the first appointments in March. The audience quality was extremely high, exceeding the desirable expectations of a new-born initiative. This was certainly the result of the trust in the experience of the CSV Life Science Containment division, but also of the valuable technicians from the various divisions in the Group, who were able of bringing different points of view to make the experience even more appreciated. Pharma Hub, a strategic firm operating in central Italy and serving the important pharmaceutical supply chain engaged in the fight against Covid, was also the main actor in some sessions. The Group’s expert teams will still be there for anyone who wants to register for upcoming webinars until the last scheduled date, May 28.

The streaming platform.

The Academy’s platform hosting the events is easily accessible to enrolled users and does not require the use of applications or special programs, other than a normal browser. Every user can submit personalized questions during the sessions and at the end receive a participation certificate sent by the Academy.

This first series of meetings focused on Pharma Containment is organized in four sessions for Italy and three for foreign countries. The training material is edited by CSV Academy and written exclusively in English. The international webinar sessions are all in English and have already received a positive feedback from Middle East and Northern Europe audience. From flexible to rigid insulators, from highly active substances to SMEPAC tests, many topics are waiting for you by simply click on the button below.