Once again, by drawing from a blend of highly qualified personnel with ten-years’ experience, CSV Life Science continues to be active in the pharmaceutical market as a leading company, always looking for the most innovative customized solutions in the pharmaceutical field, such as:

  • Powder Containment (validated 10-9 g) classified from OEB1 (>1000 µg/m³) to OEB5 (<1 µg/m³).
  • Smart flexible solutions
  • Introduction of containment systems suitable for an existing plant.

A leading company in powder containment and aseptic transfer, providing custom made solutions based on flexible and rigid technology.

Diaphragms with diameters of up to a 700 mm, suitable useful for 200 liters drums, this interface can be used on all drums with less diameters. The double elastic barrier sealed to the drum, between the outside and the chamber, makes it possible to minimize the surface of the drum that comes into contact with the chamber, and possibly to automate, without introducing consumables, the drum charging and emptying operations.

Containment validation is a critical component of any potent compound safety program.
We offer containment performance testing of any containment system according to ISPE SMEPAC guideline.
The assessment and the consequent test can be applied to new equipment during FAT and/or SAT to confirm the CPT design (Containment Performance Target) or to running system for routine monitoring of the Occupational Exposure level.
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