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Cleantech 2022 seminar

The lean approach: a method for modern laboratories design.

The CleanTech 2022 was an opportunity for CSV Life Science Group not only to participate in sessions of the highest technical level, but also to explain part of his working method: the lean approach.
The Lean approach has long been used in CSV Life Science Group as a laboratory design method. But what does it consist of?
At CleanTech 2022, our colleagues had a chance to explain it. On October 18 and 19, 2022, the conference organized by ASCCA, the CleanTech 2022 entitled “The facility of the future”, was held in Milan.

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CPhI 2022 CSV LS GROUP stand

“Destination Pharma”: CSV Life Science Group’s fall tour.

Fall brought a flurry of events and meetings that kept the group busy throughout September, October, and November. From Powtech in Germany to Milan for Cleantech, back to Germany with the CPhI: find out what these months of appointments have been like for us by reading this in-depth look at the events of fall 2022.

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CSV Active Quality Unit.

CSV Active staff working in the intermediates and API trading business has for many years been linked to suppliers mainly form the Far East thus assuring costumers of a highly qualified knowledge and meeting all their technical and regulatory requirements. Today, CSV Active works mainly in Europe and especially in the Italian market.

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Commissioning, Qualification and Validation.

Commissioning, Qualification and Validation.

The Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV) department has been in operation since around the birth of CSV Life Science at the beginning of 2000s. After more than 25 years of activity, it has become a strong and solid division, as well as a hallmark for anyone needing CQV services both in Italy and abroad.

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Saldatore Officine Galesso

Officine Galesso arrives and makes CSV Life Science Group grow and improve with new experience.

The mechanical workshop is based in central Italy and stands for an important reference point in a territory highly involved in the pharmaceutical world, namely the pharmaceutical hub Lazio.

CSV Life Science wants therefore to strengthen the equipment supply for its customers by reinforcing an existing relation between the Officine Galesso, Containment and Pharma Hub, a collaboration that in fact is already providing highly specialised know-how to all the Group and especially this two division.

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CPhI is back in Milan and CSV too!

CSV Life Science Group is waiting for you at CphI Milan 2021 in Rho Fiera, stand 10M52, from 11 to 9 November.
CPhI is back, but Pharma has never been still. 2020 was a year of challenges that certainly led the labour market to rethink the rules of the game. So 2021 was all about digital and, thanks to new technologies, people were able to continue to meet remotely, design pharmaceutical plants, see and maintain customer relationships.

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CSV LS Group Team

Team Work.

On Friday 8 October, all the branches of CSV Life Science Group came together for a day of action, play, information and training.
Managers, engineers, technicians and employees all came together to face challenges, compete, collaborate and get to know each other better in order to forge even stronger bonds. A day of Group, as a group. We chose to get out of the offices and workshops to catch our breath after the restrictions dictated by the pandemic and to share a day in the nature and beauty of the Italian countryside.

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