About us

CSV operates in the fields of Validation and Pharmaceutical Engineering and Construction. Over the years, CSV Life Science, has built upon the leading expertise of the engineering professionals who founded and drive the company to provide leading-edge Design, Construction, Validation, Compliance and Computer System Validation services that are closely tailored to the needs of our customers, both large and small alike.


Our know-how in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries brings our clients total peace of mind, in the knowledge that they can rely on a complete solution that addresses every related issue for their company, with a synergistic integration of validation and engineering experience and expertise. It has likewise gained us recognition for delivering the benefits of validation services that are mainly orientated to resolving rather than simply identifying any non-conformities encountered. At the same time, we make us an ideal partner for companies seeking the highest standards of professionalism together with outstanding operating flexibility, which is a combination that can make all the difference.

CSV Life Science has the experience and specialist resources to provide an integrated solutions covering the entire product life cycle, from the feasibility study through the conceptual design, often based on capacity study, of a department or whole manufacturing site through to basic and detailed engineering, commissioning, qualification, validation up to construction and realization and the resolution of any related product release problems in accordance with all the relevant standards.